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tenutosi a Bologna, 7-9 febbraio 2023

Topic 1 - Seismicity, Volcanoes, Data and Models

1.1 – Recent advances in the study of earthquakes,
seismogenic structures and capable faults

1.2 – Volcanoes and geothermal fields

1.3 – Physical models for the Solid Earth and integration between modeling and data of different nature

Topic 2 - Disaster risk analysis and reduction

2.1 – Towards new approaches to estimate earthquake
and tsunami hazard:data and procedures
2.2 – Science and technology to support earthquake prevention
and preparedness
2.3 – Risk Communication

Topic 3 - Applications: Energy, Environment, Technologies

3.1 – Energy transition and resources
3.2 – Near surface geophysics
3.3 – Theoretical and methodological development in geophysics

Lectio magistralis

R. Nicolich – The Crust in Italy from Seismic Prospecting and Additional Investigating Techniques

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delle Comunicazioni