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Instructions for the Authors, Templates & logo

File type
We require a text in English from 1000 to 15000 characters,including spaces, in Word format, for each work (both oral or poster) that you intend to present at the Convention. Furthermore, the text may also include 3 figures, also in color. The name of the file should contain the surname of the first author and the session in which the work will be presented (e.g. 1.1_Rossi.docx). We welcome graphical-abstracts (A4 size, Landscape or Portrait).


The author’s name should be written including only the initial of the first name, followed by the surname. In case of multiple authors, all names (including the last one) should be divided only by a comma. Please avoid writing the conjunction “and”. The authors’ affiliation should contain only essential information: department, university or institution, city, state. Please do not write the address (street, postal code, email).
We kindly ask you to include at the end of the text (after bibliography) the name and email of a reference author in case it is necessary to contact them.


Text structure
The text must be in English, it doesn’t have to include an initial summary and it can be organized in chapters.
Figures must have a caption with references in the text and in the caption as well, with Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc. and tables with Tab. 1, Tab. 2, etc.
Acknowledgements or recognitions can be reported under the heading Acknowledgements.
The bibliographic references could be included under the title References. The references must be reported in alphabetic order following the BGTA style (


Figures should be uploaded in separate files and divided from the text, in .jpg or .png format, in a quality suitable for subsequent printing, with a resolution of 300 ppi (pixels per inch) in the final print size. The name of the file should contain the session in which the author intends to present the work, the name of the first author and the number of the figure (ex. 1.1_Rossi_Fig2.jpg)


You can download the templates here: